Pelikan Blue Black

I bought this vintage ink at a local flea-market. I saw three of these bottles with the right box. I paid $ 10,= for these beauty’s. One box was a little bit damaged.
Pelikan Blue Black

It is a nice Blue Black. It is more blueish then Montblanc Blue Black. The color comes close to Iroshizuku tsuk-yo but without the green hue.
Pelikan Blue Black

It is a somewhat dry ink, but the flow is good enough and I don’t know if it is the vintage age of the ink that makes it this way. First thing that I noticed was the very quick drying time of the ink. It is outstanding, even on Rhodia paper it takes only 10 seconds to dry. I could not find a Moleskine where this ink bled through the pages.
Pelikan Blue Black

Written review
Pelikan Blue Black
Can’t read it? Here’s the translation:
“Pelikan Blue Black

I filled my Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point (medium) with Pelikan Blue-Black.

I found three vintage bottles at a local flea market. I think the bottles are from around 1980.

The color is lighter the the Montblanc Blue Black. But it is a nice blue black. It has some shading.

This ink behaves very well in Moleskines, no feathering or bleed through. It is 100% Moleskine proof. It dries very quickly. I love it very very much.

New bottles cost about $ 0,13/ml

Pelikan Blue Black

The Bottle
The bottle contains 70ml of ink. The shape of the bottle is still working great even for large shaped fountain pens.
Pelikan Blue Black

Here’s a desktop you may use freely. It is at 1920 x 1200. Click on this link.

100% Moleskine proof
This ink is 100% Moleskine proof. I could not find a Moleskine where the ink showed any bleed through. Another great ink you can 100% trust in every Moleskine without bothering about bleed through.

So let no one tell you a Moleskine is not well suited for fountain pens. With the right ink it is a great companion. Click on this link to see more 100% Moleskine proof inks.

Fountain pen ink by Pelikan. Ideally formulated for Pelikan pens and other plunger mechanism and converter pens. Pelikan has been making inks since 1863.


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